Tolstoy In Flight

Acrylic on Canvas - 60" x 36"
Click for a larger image © 1996

At the age of eighty-two, on a cold wintry evening, Leo Tolstoy embarked on a new adventure, which he hoped, might nurture a resolution of prolonged crises, so inimical to the pursuit of his spiritual and literary endeavors.

Though weak and frail in body, he was mentally alert as he anticipated a new beginning, liberated from the restraints associated with his ancestral estate and its occupants.

Some have called his departure, a flight, others, simply, a departure. It was indeed both, for he left secretly, with the anxiety that his departure might be prematurely discovered and his plans thwarted.

The artist has created, especially for this website, the above canvas which, softly and mystically, depicts Tolstoy's departure from the frigid landscape of Yasnaya Polyana towards the yet undiscovered affirmations he may have so enthusiastically embraced.

Copyright © 1996 Leo Finegold
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