Acrylic on Canvas - 40" x 40"
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At the delicate age of five, Leo Tolstoy was led to believe by his beloved brother Nikolai, that he, Nikolai, had recorded the secret for universal future happiness on a green stick buried at the edge of a ravine in Yasnaya Polyana, their native estate. With future disclosure of this secret, the world would be swept up by love and by all the good things that love would bring. 

The Legend of the Green Stick remained a powerful metaphor for Leo Tolstoy throughout his eighty- two years as he struggled to define, by pen and personal conduct, the conditions for a world free of misery. 

The artistl has imaginatively recreated the Legend of the Green Stick with this original canvas, created especially for this website. Through the brilliant use of color and sensitive command of balance, one can sense the excitement of discovery and the thrill of future possibilities for humankind with the revelation of the Green Stick's secrets. 



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